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Hedgehog Friendly Campus & Preparations for the Spring

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Please join us for our re-launch of Keele's Hedgehog Friendly Campus and review of 2020, as well as a chance to catch up and discuss any criteria for a Hedgehog Friendly Campus which Keele University have not yet met. 3pm, Thursday, 7th January 2021 ???? All are welcome and even if you are unable to attend the meeting you are welcome to contribute to the campaign and join the team! See the Teams channel for details. 

Hedgehogs are currently hibernating... so it is a great time to leave the garden be so you don't disturb their slumber. Instead, why not...

  • Take a look at Hedgehog Street at all the resources and ideas?
  • Create a hedgehog house during lockdown
  • Ensure hedgehogs can move freely by creating a hedgehog highway -
  • Learn more about hedgehogs and their prickly ways
  • Sign this petition to increase the legal protection of hedgehogs >>
  • Read about the Hedgehog conservation strategy and the population trends -
  • Write to your MP -

During cold or dry periods, these creepy-crawlies become much scarcer in gardens, so hedgehogs will benefit hugely from a shallow dish of water and supplementary feeding at these times. (Find out more;

Remember to contact BHPS on 01584 890 801 if you’re worried about a small or sick hedgehog.


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