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Keele Wildlife Society March Update

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Keele Green Festival - 9-20th March 2020


Speakers Officer Talk - 25th February 2020

Come along to our very own Speakers' Officer, Henry Simpson's talk on his great travels across the world and his ventures to the deep!

Henry will be doing two talks one starting at 17:00 and one starting at 18:00. Taking place in CBA0.01.

Keele Green Festival - 9-20th March 2020

The Keele Green Festival is nearly here!! 

The events are up on the Green:Keele Facebook page so get the dates into your diary! Everyone is welcome!!

Between the 9th-20th March, every day will be full of sustainability-related events along the theme of Zero Carbon and Climate Justice. Events range from volunteer opportunities, workshops, talks, tours, gardening, crafting, film screening, cooking, stalls and so much more!!

Please share with your friends, colleagues and spread the word!

Which events will you be going to? 

Keele Wildlife Society will be helping to run a few of the events but particularly the Wildflower Seed Ball (Bomb) making on Friday 13th March. We will then spread these around areas where they are least likely to get cut. 

There are lots of green and environmental-related opportunities so please do get involved!

Hedgehog Friendly Campus Working Group

Taking place on the 10th March 2020, 1-2pm in CBA1.076. The Keele Hedgehog Friendly Campus working group will be having a brief meeting to discuss the use of pesticides and rodenticides and the impact of those on hedgehogs. We will also be discussing plans for the Hedgehog Friendly Campus silver and gold accreditation! Lots of great opportunities to take part in!

All welcome! No prior experience needed. Please let us know if you are interested in joining the group!

Voting in the Elections

Voting is now OPEN for the full-time officer elections! This is our opportunity to achieve the Democracy and Campaigns Stripe - the more members of the Wildlife Society that vote in the elections, the better! 

Remember, for every student that votes in the elections the SU will plant a tree (and we can help them do it!)... Why not!?

Keele Wildlife Society Committee Nominations

The Committee elections are approaching!! When nominations open, please upload a photo and your manifesto. This will then give an opportunity for members to vote for next years committee!

The 2020 dates are as follows:

  • Monday, 9th March at 9am - Nominations open
  • Friday, 20th March at 9am - Nominations close
  • Saturday, 21st March at 9am - Voting opens
  • Thursday, 26th March at 9am - Voting closes
  • Friday, 27th March - Results are published 

The positions that can be run for are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Coordinator, Speakers Officer and Welfare & Inclusions Officer. The roles that must be filled are President, Secretary and Treasurer.

For more details on the roles and the society, please see the Constitution available on the KeeleSU Wildlife webpage -

All members are encouraged and welcomed to run for the committee - it is a great opportunity!! If you have any questions about being on the committee - please drop any of us a message or email. 

Always happy to help!

Have a wild week!


Keele Wildlife Society President


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