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Opportunities for 2020

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Happy December!!!

It is the time of year when many will begin to reflect on the past year and make their 2020 to do lists! As a society we also will reflect on the events and progress we have made in 2019 with many more exciting plans being prepared for 2020. This month's newsletter focuses on just a few of the many opportunities open to you with the Wildlife Society for 2020.

Volunteer with Love The Oceans 

Love the Oceans was founded in 2014 and seeks to protect vulnerable marine animals in Mozambique through a bottom-up, community-led approach. They offer a volunteering programme lasting between two and five weeks for those who are interested in this area. The non-profit organisation runs multiple initiatives including; teaching local children to swim, beach litter picks to remove plastics and an initiative to be able to reuse rubbish by producing ‘eco bricks’ for building within the local community. These are just a few examples of the work you are able to take part in when you join the volunteering programme next summer!! While volunteering you will be able to take part in a range of tasks, each providing memorable experiences, valuable skills and a chance to build key links within the marine industry, with other volunteers who will become friends for life!! For more information on this opportunity visit the website: 

Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Another exciting opportunity for 2020 is the Keele Hedgehog Friendly Campus which has been introduced by the Wildlife Society. As a society, we need to fulfill certain criteria at different levels; by December 20th 2019, we hope to achieve the Bronze level. These are just a few things we need to complete which you can become involved with: write a Hog-Blog about any issue facing hedgehogs, distribute leaflets and create a press release for the Keele University official website. To be involved with this please join the Keele Hedgehog Friendly Campus Group here: . The group is open to staff and students! It is a great opportunity to get involved with biodiversity on campus and is completely free to sign up to. 

Tree Planting 

This semester as a society and with the help of staff and students, we successfully planted 300 trees on campus. Across two days, over 30 people volunteered their time to help with this fantastic event. Thank you to each and everyone who got involved; by sharing our event online, planting trees and showing support!!! We hope to continue to leave a positive impact at Keele into the future. One way we hope to do this is by another tree planting event….. keep an eye out for updates over the rest of the academic year!! If you would like to be involved, feel free to contact Keele Wildlife Society via email: .

*See more about this fantastic event here: .


These are just a few ways in which you can be involved to help nature with the Wildlife Society! If you have any ideas of other ways feel free to let us know!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!