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Wildlife activities at home


Dear Fellow Wildlife Enthusiasts,

This April edition of the Wildlife Society Newsletter hopes to provide you all with some ideas and activities which you can do to help wildlife at home. If there is anything which you have been doing please share with us on social media! 

I have been taking part in the Garden Birdwatch; I am lucky to have seen a range of bird species in my garden. These have included Sparrows, Starlings and a regular Robin which has made a daily appearance at breakfast!. A number of birds are nesting with a young Blackbird finding its flight last week…. It took a few attempts and help but has been successful! If you are interested to take part in this take a look on their website here: 

A number of wildlife related organisations and charities have been providing activity ideas. Here are a few pages:

The Wildlife Trusts

A number of different activity sheets; for example, creating a hedgehog highway (this can be done with a fence or hedge - anyway you can alter your own gardens to increase Hedgehog mobility!). Another easy way to help nature is by making your own bird feeder; this is something I have very fond memories of doing myself as a child.

For more information and alternative ideas check out The Wildlife Trusts website here:


Here you can select the wildlife which you would like to help; this allows you to choose activities which are most appropriate for your location and garden. For example, to help Bees, why not build a Bee B&B? Or you can help Frogs, Toads and Dragonflies by creating a mini pond. Even if you do not have a garden pond this is still an activity for you; all you need is a large container, some rocks and small plants. 

See the RSPB website for more:


If you are looking for ways to help wildlife online then you could check out Zooniverse. This provides a range of online volunteering to help science and research. Examples include: identifying species and behaviour from cameras, transcribe historical documents and classify sound recordings.

Take a look on the website and find something which is of interest to you:

I hope you are safe, well and enjoying nature!