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An Update!

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you guys bailed out on us?

Hey everyone,

So, me, Jonas, Harmony and other enthusiasts have recently dragged this society out of its grave and given it a nice new suit. As for those of you who are unaware, the ‘Keele Poker Society’ for the past two years effectively did not exist. While a sprinkle of fairy dust in cyberspace, it had no members, committee, or events, yet continued to be advertised on the SU website and merrily took admission fees. For those of you who did pay a pretty penny for nothing, fear not, for the money has not been washed into a black hole and remains in our society account at the time of writing. When we have a better idea of how the wonders of the SU website actually work, we will work tirelessly to track down those of you who have been blindly robbed and return what is rightfully yours, or at the very least deduct our new admission price from the older one if you want to remain a member. I’m going to get rid of that £10.00 admission fee button, just get the £2.50 one or wait till the society fair next year to join.

(For all three of you who end up actually reading this, we just *might* be able to squeeze out another social before the summer after the exam period. Just go over to the Facebook page and announce your interest.)

I have never met anyone from the old society, I just wanted to play some poker and got a bit fed up with the whole nonexistence thing. I’ve never run a society before, nor has anyone else on the Committee. Regardless, with a crack of the champagne bottle, I can gladly announce that the new and improved Keele Poker Society has been given the green light for the 2018/9 year! We will try our best to ensure you mindlessly gamble away all your student loa… wait, no, not that… ensure that you will have a bit of fun and hopefully meet that special someone who gets a four of a kind queens on the flop while you have meagre pocket tens (dammit Ben). If you have any crazy, wacky and hopefully legal ideas than come and talk to one of us on the Committee. I just hope the torch will get passed onto someone else next year and this society will not go into the dark again. Believe me I will be ruthless in recruitment, so watch out freshers, you’re about to go BANKRUPT! (just kidding, see you next year!)


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