Equipment Terms & Conditions

How and where clubs and societies can borrow equipment

Clubs & Societies Equipment Policy

  • A club/society who would like to book a piece of equipment from the Student Union Booking Hub can do so free of charge, subject to availability.
  • To book a piece of equipment the club/society must fill out the online booking form located at:
  • This form is automatically sent to the Activities Team who will review the application based on availability.
  • A successful application from a club/society will receive a confirmation email from the Activities Team and be invited to collect the equipment at the time agreed
  • An unsuccessful application will receive an email from the Activities Team detailing that the equipment is unavailable.
  • Only the executive committee of the club/society can collect the equipment. These will be either the President/Secretary or Treasurer.
  • Equipment can be collected from the Student Opportunities office on the top floor of the Student Union
  • A student card must be shown by the society member in order to confirm student status and identification in exchange for equipment. The same person who books the equipment must also be the person who returns it.
  • It is recommended that the executive committee should keep a log of any persons using the equipment other than themselves and must give the ok for non-executive use.
  • All footage recorded on equipment must be removed before it is returned.
  • All equipment must be returned in the condition it was collected. All equipment will be checked after it has been returned and any damage recorded.

Late returns

All clubs/societies start with 3 “lives” per academic term. Should items be returned later than the agreed time the club/society will lose one “life”. Should the club/society lose all three lives they will not be able to book any equipment out for the remainder of that term. Please be mindful that equipment is there for all students to use- therefore equipment should always be returned on time and in good working order.

Non-returns or damaged returns

Clubs/Societies will be liable for any non-returned items taken on their behalf- the RRP amount of that item will be deducted from the club/ society account. If there are not enough funds within that account all club/society spending will be frozen until the reimbursement of the item has been made. This also applies to damaged items- the cost of replacement part or repair will be covered by the club/ society account.


Should the item be taken out by a student, and not on behalf of a club or society, the Finance team at KeeleSU will be contacted with a view to recovering the value of the item as an outstanding debt.