How to take part in the Keele housing fair

Housing Fair T&C

How to take part in the Keele housing fair

Housing Fair Terms and Conditions


1. Eligibility & Requirements

1.1 Only landlords accredited in the recognised North Staffordshire Landlord Accredited Scheme and are able to advertise with Keele StudentPad are eligible to attend the Fair. Checks will be made on booking, prior to the Fair. 

1.2 Only landlords who have pre-booked a stand will be permitted to join the Fair. Landlords who arrive on the day and without a booked stand will be refused entry. Entry to the fair is at the sole discretion of Natalie Jordan (KeeleSU Welfare & Internationalisation Officer).

1.3 Letting agents or Landlords who charge application or admin fees must advertise these clearly at the fair and at all times when renting to students. 

1.4 Your attendance at the Fair is, at all times, at the discretion of Natalie Jordan (KeeleSU Welfare & Internationalisation Officer) and we reserve the right to cancel your booking if we deem it necessary. See below for refund policy. 

1.5 As part of the quality checks undertaken by KeeleSU (see 1.1), you are required to submit a copy of your tenancy agreement for checking by advisers from Advice & Support at Keele (ASK). The final decision on whether an agreement is acceptable will be made by Natalie Jordan (KeeleSU Welfare & Internationalisation Officer).


2. Cost & Payment

2.1 The full booking fee is payable as an online payment when booking a stall. If you require an alternative payment method please contact Natalie Jordan (KeeleSU Welfare & Internationalisation Officer) | directly.


3. Cancellation & Refunds

3.1 All cancellations must be made in writing and be received at least 7 calendar days prior to the event. This should be addressed to Natalie Jordan (KeeleSU Welfare & Internationalisation Officer) either via email or at the following address:

3.2 The following charges shall apply to cancellations:

3.2.1 Where a cancellation is made less than 7 calendar days before the event, you agree to pay KeeleSU the total cost;

3.2.2 Where a cancellation is made more than 28 days before the event, no fees will be payable.

3.2.3 Where KeeleSU refuses your entry to the Housing Fair (see above), no refund will be given.


4. KeeleSU Policies

4.1 You are required to uphold KeeleSU’s policies at all times and be as environmentally and ethically responsible as possible. This includes the Equal Opportunities Policy, the Health & Safety Policy and the Marketing Policy.