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Staffordshire Libraries

Staffordshire County Council Libraries operates 42 libraries across the county of Staffordshire, 23 of which will be Community Managed Libraries...

Library Volunteer - Silverdale Community Managed Library

This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

Assist with the day to day operation of Silverdale Library, including checking books in and out, ordering books and dealing with enquiries Libraries are vibrant community spaces where volunteers will be able to develop their customer service and management skills while helping members of the public

Benefits to self

Volunteers will be able to develop their communication, customer service, IT and management skills while assisting members of the public of all ages and backgrounds. They will be able to see first hand the importance of local services in the community.

Benefits to others

Volunteering at Silverdale library will assist members of the public access and enjoy an essential local service. Libraries are important community spaces, that offer the opportunity to change lives. Libraries are more than just books, they offer a space for people to meet and events to take place.


Silverdale Library, ST5 6LY

Training available

Staffordshire County Council will offer training around the use of its IT systems that allow books to be issued, returned and requested. General training will be offered around what services libraries offer and how they sit in the community. Information Governance and Health & Safety training will be offered.

DBS required?


Transport details

The ability to get to and from Silverdale library.

Contact Name

Matthew Howard

Contact email address


Contact phone number

07866 921873
  • ProfessionsAdministration, IT, Retail
  • EducationSchools, Literacy, Numeracy
  • Culture & SportLibraries & Museums, Events, Art & Creativity
  • CommunitiesDisabilities, Families, Men, Older People, Race & Ethnicity, Women, Young People & Children
  • LocationOff Campus
  • What are your reasons for volunteering?Build my confidence, Do something positive with my spare time, Gain work experience/ improve my CV, Give something back to the community, Help others, Learn or try new things, Meet new people, Use my skills

Employability skills

  • Communication Skills: Verbal 0
  • Communications Skills: Non- Verbal 0
  • Interpersonal Skills 0
  • Organisation 0

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