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Green Week volunteers (building with bamboo)

This opportunity takes place between 13 Feb 2023 and 18 Mar 2023

Join us as world class experts come together to build a giant bamboo arch swing.

Appetite and Imagineer in partnership with Arts Keele are collaborating with a whole host of innovators from the world of art, environmental science and structural engineering to build a prototype structure made from UK-grown bamboo. This impressive experiment will take place outdoors at Keele University campus during their Green Festival.

Starting on Tuesday 14 March, there will be three days of building with a 6-metre-high arch being raised and tested on Friday. If all goes to plan, on Saturday 18 March members of the public and a circus aerialist will be able to swing from it!

Before any of this can happen, we need small teams of volunteers to come along and help prepare the bamboo for construction. Are YOU interested in being part of the world-class team working to showcase bamboo as an upcoming sustainable building material? All you need to get involved are:

- Two free hours to be on campus on one of the three build days

- General hand strength in order to tie bamboo bundles

- Willingness to work outside

- Enthusiasm!

We are also looking for people to help raise the arch on Friday.

Interested? Great - book on and we'll see you there! https://ImagineBambooKeeleBuildVols.eventbrite.co.uk

Benefits to self

The benefits this opportunity will have to the volunteer are great! This opportunity is activity based within a group setting, so this is a great chance to meet new people with similar interests! Furthermore, this volunteering opportunity would be great on a CV as team work will be key on the day!

Benefits to others

Without volunteers, this event would simply be impossible to go ahead. The volunteers will be building a 14m bamboo statue which will take both time and patience to build. So, the job of the volunteers will allow an amazing event to come to fruition on campus.


KPA Clubhouse

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Rasandeep Devgon

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01782 381373

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