Our Finances

Find out about how we are funded and where we spend our income

Keele SU is a registered charity and operates a number of activities and services, all for the benefit of its members. Activities include; community representation and advocacy to influence the student experience, individual representation and advocacy to support students facing difficulties, community-based student activities, volunteering and sports facilitation, retail, catering, printing and entertainments.

How does that work?

To explain this a bit more, this means that all of the profits that we make from the union outlets such as the Bars, Shop and Union Kitchen are put straight back into the Union, which allows us to continue to run as a representative body for students and allow you to get the most out of your student experience. This includes everything from the creating new experiences and opportunities for you to grow and develop throughout your time at Keele plus academic representation, sports clubs and societies, bars and shops, clubs nights, student campaigns, Welcome Week and so much more.


Latest accounts & Annual Report 

These can be found on our Latest Report (updated anually) long with all previous sets of audited accounts.


What does this mean?

We appreciate that some of the terminologies might not mean a lot to some people, so we’re going to break this down for you.



Trading Services

This revenue comes from food and drink in Bars, Coffee House, Shop and Union Kitchen (all inside the SU), and tickets sales from events hosted by the Union.

Block Grant

Because one of the Union's many jobs is to look after students’ academic representation, we also get a block grant from the University to help us keep ticking along and to better represent you.

In-Kind Support

On top of the block grant, we receive in-kind support from the university, meaning we show the value of having space and services provided, even though it isn't actual money. 




This is money spent behind the scenes which keeps everything running from our trading and non-trading services. From trading services, this includes staff wages, insurance and licenses to name a few. Non-trading services include Central Services, Marketing, and Finance.

Cost of items to sell

Everything we sell in the bars and shops, from beer to notepads, needs to be purchased. This is the overall cost of how much we spend to provide you with these products to buy.