For every student that voted in this year's election, we will plant a tree on campus.

Vote Leaves

For every student that voted in this year's election, we will plant a tree on campus.


This Year, We're Voting Leaves.

 KeeleSU is making a bold promise.

For every student that votes in this years election, we will plant a tree on campus.


This year, for every student that votes in the KeeleSU elections, KeeleSU will plant a tree.


That’s cool why are you doing that?


For the past few years, KeeleSU has been running a “Vote Barometer” to incentivise voting in the KeeleSU Elections. This did see a significant increase in voter turnout in its first year, however there has been a year on year decline since then. This year, student voice wish to promote participation in democracy as a public good, an act of responsible citizenship that everyone should feel duty bound to contribute to. If democracy is intrinsically linked to responsible citizenship, then it feels natural to link democracy to the planet's single greatest threat to its citizens; climate change.


How’ve you got so many trees?


Keele Key Fund have funded the purchase of 4000 trees and biodegradable tree guards after a succesful bid was made to the alumni fund in partnership between KeeleSU, Root and Branch and the Estates team. 


Where are they going to be planted and who’s going to do it?


Keele is lucky enough to have a significant amount of land on which we can plant native trees. The trees will be planted by student and staff volunteers as well as pupils from local schools. The tree planting will be spread out all around campus and planted over the course of 12 months. 


Can I plant my own tree?


Yes you can. We’d love you to infact! After the elections, all voters will be sent an email with details of when our tree planting events will be.

Thank you to Keele Key Fund, Keele University Estates, Root and Branch and KeeleSU Volunteering.


Climate change is already happening all around us with devastating effect. Wildfires rage, sea ice is melting and the average global temperature is on the rise. We’re also witnessing the rise of climate-based anxiety, it’s natural to feel hopeless as we watch the devastation from our screens, fearing that there is little we can do as individuals to tackle this global crisis. 

Last year, Keele was one of the first Universities to declare a climate emergency. This means our community is standing up for the planet and we need your help. Scientists have agreed that widespread planting of trees worldwide is one of the most effective ways to take CO2 out of the atmosphere and tackle climate change. Thanks to the kind donations of the Keele Key Fund, KeeleSU is making a bold promise to our students. This year, for every student that casts a vote in the KeeleSU elections, we’ll plant a tree on campus. Voting only takes five minutes, but your action will live on. Help us to reach our aim of planting 4000 native trees by voting in these important elections. 


Vote at between 9am on the 25th and 5pm on the 28th of February.