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    Entrepreneurship and International Students - Submitted by Ian Wong

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    Reason for proposing resolution instead of policy: - One of my main manifestoes is to expand post study visa options for international students. I am currently working on various alternative ways to improve the employability prospects for international students given the strict immigration rules for employment adopted by the UK government. - I strongly believe that there doesn’t need to be a policy in place for me to carry out this resolution, however, I would like to seek the opinion of this UGM on the resolution proposed. I would also like to discuss with the Council if the proposed resolution could be carried out for the long term. Hence I would like to propose this Motion with an option for trial during re-freshers week and global week. Facts:: - A recurring challenge faced by international students, specifically Non- EU students at present, is accessing employment in the UK after their graduation/post-graduation. - The strict immigration policy adopted by the UK government- specially the minimum salary threshold of £30,000/annum or minimum appropriate rate has made it increasingly difficult for international students to find jobs in a minimum-paying sectors and has made it difficult for companies to sponsor international students. - In addition, there has been a reduction in the number of companies offering tier 2 visa sponsorships for Non- EU graduates following Brexit. Opinions:: - Along with lobbying the government to bring back the post study work visa scheme/loosen the immigration criteria for employment, the union should also look at alternative career options available for international students and effectively promote them among the international student community, which includes the tier 1 graduate entrepreneur scheme. Proposed actions:: - Keele University to provide 10 places to sponsor international students under the tier 1 graduate entrepreneur visa. - The union should promote this scheme through collaborative events with the Keele careers and employability centre and through other union channels of promotion to encourage entrepreneurship among the international student community.
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