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    Mature Student Common Room/More non-drinking social spaces

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    Keele needs more social spaces that are available for students to relax during the daytime and destress between periods of study. Most of the spaces available are just bars and mature students particularly would prefer quieter places to sit, read, and chill out on campus.
Fiona Robertson
3:15pm on 25 Jan 19 With increased student numbers this would be a given for all students regardless of age.
Mandy Gorst
4:04pm on 25 Jan 19 Mature students are those 21 and over at enrollment. Many feel a little lost during the first month or two of their courses. Having a designated space/room would give new undergraduates somewhere specific to aim for. We are a very varied group; age, employment and family life can affect us in different ways to other undergraduates or post-grads. Some courses have a number of mature students but many only have one or two so it can be very isolating. A space for us would bring us together from across all subject areas of the university, this would improve communication and, I think, well-being.
Jack Karimi
4:52pm on 25 Jan 19 Is this not two separate issues? While sceptical for the need for a Mature Student common room, I'd happily join calls for a non-drinking social space. At the moment the three campus bars (Lindsay, Barnes, KPA) are struggling in terms of finance. Suggesting the re-purposing of Lindsay or Barnes could be beneficial.
Yvonne Findlay
8:01am on 27 Jan 19 What I would have found more beneficial would have been a room with recliner chairs that was semi dark to allow a quick 40 winks between lectures. I worked somewhere once that had such a room and it was very beneficial. As a full time carer and student often getting enough sleep can be an issue! When I did a year abroad the university I studied at had a mature student room, 25+. It had its own little kitchen area, with fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle, etc; sofas, that some used for sleeping; lockers; table to study at. It was a useful space that I made much use of.
Heather Burton
9:05am on 27 Jan 19 I think this would be a good idea, however, the CEC is crying out for a space like this as well. We are seriously lacking in this type of facility- even access to hot water and enough seating would be a huge bonus.