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    How do we better support Transgender Students? - submitted by Ian Wong

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    The SU to create an email signature that includes personal pronoun options - could create a series of email signatures that students can use; for example SVR’s For committee conference to include the appropriateness of ‘drag events’ for fundraising The SU to provide more information: How to report; transphobic behaviour and microaggressions and encourage the uni to do the same To look at the current provision of GN changing facilities in the Sports Centre Ele to speak to estates about provision of GN toilets in current buildings on campus and to lobby for ‘one GN toilet for every gendered facility’ in all new builds. Ele to ask that the K2 toilet is left open without radar key on K2 only nights in the SU To better promote the GN facility on the top floor of the SU for daytime use
Alex Hunt
11:20pm on 20 Mar 19 We desperately need gender neutral toilets in the library. Lecturers also need to be better educated on trans students and the importance of using correct pronouns etc. There needs to be an easy way to communicate the correct pronouns to lecturers (maybe through student services communicating with staff with permission from the student) so that the student does not have to constantly correcct/come out to every lecturer they have. Ideally we should find some way to normalise the communication of preferred pronouns but I don’t know how you’d do this.