What is a UGM?

UGM description and FAQs



UGM stands for Union General Meeting. 

UGMs are the way for students to be heard and involved in decision making at your Students’ Union. It's basically how we can get all Keele students in one place to discuss and vote on issues. It's a big student meeting. 

Some key things to know about UGMs:

Every Keele student can attend, speak and vote.

Every Keele student can submit an idea, which becomes a 'motion' to be discussed at the UGM. 

An idea can be about anything

EVERY KEELE STUDENT IS WELCOME. If you're unsure about something, contact su.voice@keele.ac.uk, we can help you!


Going to your first UGM can be daunting or even confusing. Have a look at the below information which will help you understand how the meetings work and guides you through some of the words you'll hear at the meeting. 


Who is everyone?

  • Elected Officers - These are your full time officers and comprise of; Union Development and Democracy, Welfare and Diversity, Education, AU and Sport, Activities and Community. They will report on their progress since the last meeting! Don't be afraid to ask them questions - this meeting is to help hold them to account.

  • Keele SU Staff - They are here to take minutes and to help run the meeting. 


What are we talking about?

The agenda sets the issues that are being discussed at this meeting. Some are standing items (discussed at every meeting such as officer reports) and others are proposed by students. You can download the agenda onto your device by visiting the event page on KeeleSU.com. We take minutes of these meetings to be made available online. Remember to submit your own ideas to the next meeting! Please speak up in meetings - we want to hear from everyone! 


What are discussion blocks?

Discussion blocks allow students to have a say on the everyday issues students are talking about. They are a place for you to directly mandate elected officers and allow you to influence all aspects of the union and university. There may be up to four tables of discussions which happen in 15 minute blocks. You can change table at any time during meeting. Tables are chaired by elected officers and supported by staff. Feedback submitted online will be summarised at tables so those who cannot attend can be included. Action points should be agreed at these tables and then elected officers will be required to act on these. Elected Officers will report to the room of agreed action points after the discussion blocks - if you strongly disagree with an action point then you can raise an objection to trigger a wider discussion at the end of the discussion blocks. 


What are Policy Discussions?

These are decisions that will determine a 'stance' or 'value' of the Union such as 'KeeleSU opposes NHS charges for International Students'.  Changes to the KeeleSU Bye-Laws are also discusses here. These discussions will happen following table discussions and will follow the rules for 'All member meetings' such as: 


  • Voting - you can vote for/ against or abstain

  • Amendments - you can submit an amendment to change a policy or remove part of it

  • Rounds of speeches - the chair will allow speeches for and against these proposals


Can I eat the cake?

Yes, please help yourself. 


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