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    Strike Petition

    • We need student opinion on this
    We have all lost a large number of classes/seminars due to the strike. I believe that pressure should be put on the administration to give students a partial refund of their tuition fees. This would put pressure on the administration to resolve the issues raised in the strike and so show solidarity with the tutors. In addition, having just raised the tuition fees to an all-time high, they should be seriously considering a partial refund to the students. I would like this issue to be raised through the SU body either through meetings or a campaign with leaflets, social media etc. and a petition signed by as many students as possible.
Hugo Tillott
3:53pm on 14 Mar 20 I think asking for some from of monetary recompense from the university makes sense, as long as we can avoid making references to stupendously high sums in the thousands