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    Parking - Submitted by Kyrsty Watson

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    Parking has become a more pressing issue on campus, it’s ridiculous to have to spend in excess of thirty minutes to find a parking space on campus and the alternative (parking on the golf course) has been proven to be unsafe time and time again. With each passing year, we see more parking spaces being taken away (for example the dedicated student car park opposite the SU) and we cannot see this being compensated for. The university should provide a safe place to keep our cars, and care more about getting students to campus. With such a stringent application process for parking permits, those with cars have a genuine need for them, having to catch a bus or a taxi in order to ensure you will be on time is frustrating and also expensive considering we also pay for car maintenance on top of this. The ic buildings past the medical school appear to have ridiculously large car parks that are almost always empty. Surely it is a waste to not allow those with permits to park here?
Tim Hart
5:55am on 13 Nov 18 Public transport is sufficient. I suggest half price busses instead of removing our green spaces to lay down more tarmac so your emissions can pollute the beautiful campus.
Stacey Collister
6:30pm on 13 Nov 18 The current parking permit scheme is poorly managed and implemented. Far too many permits are issued, and more are handed out as the year progresses. The penalties for those without permits are the same as for those that HAVE purchased a permit (but are unable to park due to non permit holders). Staff have the 'section 7' dedicated staff car park, but park in all car parks blocking the (limited) student spaces (to be absolutely clear; Staff experience the same s**t that students do when it comes to parking, I am simply highlighting a fault in the policy as I see it). Public transport is not sufficient in all cases. Many live in rural Cheshire. Abuses of the system would be identified with very little scrutiny, but the University is charging £100 per permit, so issue too many/deny responsibility/implicate a parking firm that can only be contacted via email.