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    International Students and Resits - Submitted by Ian Wong

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    Facts:: - The current resit examination policies at the Keele do not enable international students to undertake their resit examinations in their home countries - Last year, there were many concerns among the international student community about the travel costs as well as the extra accommodation costs associated with resit examinations - To quote an example, ‘ a student had to travel all the way from the USA to undertake a 45- minute Multiple choice test and ended up paying £2000 in travel and accommodation as an extra expense for 1 exam alone’ - Russell group institutions enable their international students to undertake resits in their home countries through partnerships with British council centres or other university verified assessment centres Opinions:: - As the Students’ Union, putting student interests always at the forefront, the SU should work to actively lobby the university to enable international students to undertake resit exams in their home countries - The Union should also work with the university to ensure that students from specific countries are not disadvantaged than the others due to this policy Proposed Actions:: - The International Students’ Officer, and the education Officer should carry out a review on the resit policies of other Universities including that of Russell group institutions that enable their international students to take resits abroad - The International students’ officer with the support of the Education officer needs to lobby Keele University to follow the best practises adopted by other institutions to support their international students with respect to the resit exam policies.
Mandy Gorst
7:44pm on 12 Nov 18 I'm in agreement with this. It's ridiculous that this is the situation in this technological age.
Tasha Horton
3:32pm on 13 Nov 18 I agree. If other universities can put measures in place to help international students avoid spending £2000 just to come a do a resit why can't we? Or at least some form of aid to reduce the cost.