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Anood Ali
10:47am on 23 Nov 18 I am strongly against this, where before I come we have to pay approximately £450 -£500 for the NHS and then we can get the visa to come to study, but unfortunately , I have to pay for my medication when I need medication that is prescribed by the NHS that I think should be free when I already paid for them before ,to get a visa.
Anood Ali
10:51am on 23 Nov 18 Additional evidence:https://www.internationalstudents.cam.ac.uk/arriving/healthcare-uk Tier 4 students Those applying for a Tier 4 student visa and coming to the UK for 6 months or longer will be required to pay an immigration health surcharge as part of their visa application fee. Students will be required to pay £150 per year for the duration the visa will be granted. If the leave includes part of a year that is 6 months or less, the amount payable for that year will be £75. If the leave includes part of a year that is more than 6 months, the full annual amount of £150 will be payable. Tier 4 dependants will also be required to pay the surcharge. The immigration healthcharge is in addition to the visa application fee. Please note the Home Office has announed this charge will increase to £300 per year from December 2018, subject to Parliamentary approval. For students applying for entry clearance from overseas, the surcharge will apply to visa applications for courses of 6 months or longer. For students making an application for further leave to remain in the UK, the surcharge will apply for courses of any length.