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    How should the SU support students to fight climate change? - submitted by Sam Gibbons

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    Teaching environmental issues to more people than just environmental students Environmental induction Make Freshers’ Bags and Dig-in boxes on campus sustainable and plastic-free Incentivise use of public transport, cycling and walking over students driving onto campus; lobby First on accessibility of single tickets Regular litter-picking events Improve recycling bins in number, separate bins Increased EV charging point.
Sam Humble
3:45pm on 19 Mar 19 The SU needs to consider the appropriate recycling policies and procurement of recyclable materials behind the bar, especially for events requiring single use materials such as straws and plastic cups. Plastic cups used on event nights are thrown away along with straws and metal items including bottle tops and cans. The SU is making use of glass in evenings now, where previously service changed to single use plastic cups on all evenings of the week which is a welcome improvement.
Bethany Deacon
11:13am on 21 Mar 19 There's a crisp packet recycling point in town, maybe if we had a collection on campus we could be a part of that scheme: https://www.terracycle.co.uk/en-GB/brigades/crisppacket. Terracycle seems to have quite a few options for recycling hard to process waste and some (like the crisp packets) are free.
Alana Wheat
2:44pm on 21 Mar 19 Workshops / Forums / Guest Speakers Encouraging the use of SDGs and raising awareness of the small changes that we can do (using less plastic, less food, emissions, energy, ethical consumerism, etc).