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    Responding to Keele's Financial Plan - submitted by Tom Snape

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    KeeleSU will seek urgent improvement in the transparency of the University with the wider student body. KeeleSU will lobby for no decrease in the provision of student support services, particularly mental health, disability support and support for international students’ and liberation groups. KeeleSU will lobby for postgraduates who teach to be protected from cost saving measures. KeeleSU will commit to regular and transparent communication around our specific lobbying efforts and the developing situation. KeeleSU will lobby for senior staff to receive pay freezes or reductions. KeeleSU will commit to providing regular opportunities for students to feed into the work we are doing around this specific effort. KeeleSU will continue to collaborate with campus trade unions and the postgraduate association on areas of joint concern. KeeleSU will work with any and all parties in order to seek alternative solutions to the problem faced by the University. KeeleSU will set up a working group of full time officers, part time officers and interested students in order to provide those who want to with the opportunity to scrutinize the work of the SUs' in this area. This policy shall be considered binding up to the next Union General Meeting, at which it will need to be ratified. Keele SU will support an independent financial audit as commissioned by the UCU to give a broad account of the University’s financial situation. KeeleSU will provide material support to the Save Keele media group formed at the Emergency Cross Union meeting and promote their activities through social media and email in a timely manner, provided all information is accurate. For more information, visit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kbIoaKPNXMNHJPe7Wa9IzWGeTg0l_4HEz8171XVs7qU/edit?usp=sharing
Sam Humble
3:56pm on 19 Mar 19 1. There have been changes to the provision provided to GGE students in 3rd year Geology mapping fieldwork as an apparent result of cost pressures imposed by the university. This includes the withdrawal of mapping supervision despite the offer when students chose the course (Potential CMA issue perhaps). 2. Students are confused as to the role of various members of university management including Chancellor, VC and pro-VC's. How do they justify their salaries (and additional renuration through pension contributions and expenses) -considering their lack of interaction with undergraduates and a majority of post-graduate students. Rumors of pay increases despite the voluntary redundancy scheme is an issue of contention even with the apparent decrease in enrollment for next year. It should be noted that changing demographics as a result of an ageing population should be accounted when projecting student numbers. It is not clear how the university projects numbers for the purposes of financial planning for future years.
Alana Wheat
2:47pm on 21 Mar 19 A need for more simple and digestible communication is also important - some things are easily to misunderstand