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    LGBT+ Spaces Across Campus

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    I think that it would really help LGBT+ students at Keele to feel more welcome to the university, including potential new students at open days. Currently, there is no representation for LGBT+ around the Keele campus outside of the LGBT+ society. I'd like to see more LGBT+ representation around the university campus, Some pride flags etc
Kathryn Dickins
5:13pm on 30 Oct 19 It would be great to see LGBT+ people celebrated through the very simple means of naming out buildings after them. If we include the Denise Coates building then we currently have 2 buildings named after people who are not straight, cis, white men. No name has been publicly announced for the new CSL building or any of the labs (as far as I'm aware). I'd love to see the university showing support for and making welcome everyone who comes to this campus in this overtly visible way, by giving the new CSL the name of an LGBT+ person.