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    Healthy Food Options - Submitted by 2 students

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    Student 1: Food on campus is very expensive compared to other university campuses and some shops on campus either dont apply or offer the keele card discount. Food from places like costa is more expensive on campus than costas off campus in newcastle for example. Students should support this issue as food is costly and not every student has the means to spend lots of money on bus tickets or the time to do so when workloads can be high and of a higher priority. I would like the SU to: Ensure all food places on campus offer and apply discounts when paying with the keele card. See if anything can be done to make buying food from shops on campus less expensive all the time? Student 2: The gluten free food options on campus are limited and poor. Whilst The Squirrel does have gluten free alternatives but other places don't. Another issue is that certain places on campus, such as Munch and On the Square have only chips as a gluten free option but staff have informed me that there are other things which contain gluten which are cooked in the same oil - therefore contaminating the food that was previously gluten free no longer suitable for people who are gluten intolerant. I would like the SU to: There needs to be more awareness of staff who work in eateries around campus for allergies and Cross contamination as it makes no sense for gluten and gluten free items to be cooked in the same oil meaning that people with intolerance can no longer eat on campus like the main student body. There could also be a greater variety of gluten free options as the ability to only eat chips is incredibly unhealthy.
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