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    Plastic Cups - Submitted by Isobel Stemp

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    It is no longer a secret the impact that single use plastic has on the environment and living world. Keele has already taken significant steps towards reducing single-use plastics on campus such as changing from plastic to paper straws, creating a zero-waste shop and introducing a latte levee. However, on SU nights out, up to thousands of single-use plastic cups are used and sent to the incinerator. Banning single-use plastics on nights out would link to many Sustainable Development Goals that the University have committed themselves to working towards, and bring nothing but benefits.
James English
5:42pm on 9 Nov 18 Please don't do this, I'm somewhat allergic to whatever is used to make paper cups stronger, so surely for people who can't use paper cups plastic should be an option?
Phoebe Webb
3:42pm on 12 Nov 18 Hi James, our proposal is to make the switch to reusable, acrylic cups as opposed to paper cups! Thank you for expressing your concern though we appreciate it.
Tasha Horton
4:04pm on 13 Nov 18 I think this is a good idea. It's about time we started and continued the work the SU has done on living up to our "green" reputation.
Alan Borgars
5:03pm on 13 Nov 18 We do need to maintain our green reputation here at Keele and single use plastics will be phased out anyway, due to the fact they choke up fish in our oceans and take centuries to biodegrade. Paper cups are the way to go here.