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We are a group of Keele students and this is our new organ donation awareness society at the university called We Are Donors Keele.  It is part of a larger award-winning registered charity called We Are Donors, which began at Newcastle University students in 2016 and is now rapidly expanding across the UK with bases at eight universities to date.

We Are Donors Keele is looking to recruit, and train committed and enthusiastic student ambassadors to travel to schools in Staffordshire and give talks to children about blood and organ donation. 

The long-term goal is to increase the number of donors on the register through student led education and myth busting at schools.  As an ambassador you will be giving educational talks and workshops at the local schools and on the university campus to raise awareness about organ and blood donation; empowering young people to make an informed decision about a sensitive topic, and ultimately helping to save lives!  Talks will discuss issues in transplantation, the importance of donors, and the ease with which people can sign up to the register (including the upcoming opt-out law).  This year the national steering committee is especially focussed on blood drives so as an ambassador you could even be helping to co-ordinate these events!

Being an ambassador for We Are Donors Keele would look fantastic on your CV and it will develop good public speaking, empathy, ethical awareness and leadership skills in you.  You will also receive a certificate from the organisation which you can add to your portfolio! 

The We Are Donors network follows the following structure:

National Steering Committee → Local Leads → Ambassadors → Activities

The National Steering Committee is responsible for achieving the We Are Donors Mission Statement and for helping Local Groups. It is a committee of students, doctors, surgeons, and other staff and individuals.

Join us today (it's free).  We look forward to meeting you at the promotional day and together we can embark on this special journey to help save lives together! 

Just e-mail keeleambassadors@wearedonors.org after joining to get initiated!  Also find us on facebook: @wearedonorskeeleuni


Best Wishes,

We Are Donors Keele

Registered Charity Number: 1178843

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