Healthcare Art Club was founded in 2020 by a group of artistic medical students who wanted to provide an artistic outlet to like-minded healthcare students to improve mental health and wellbeing throughout the difficulties of the pandemic. 

Since then, we have continued to grow as a society and have provided multiple online arts workshops, collaborating with local artists and other healthcare professionals. Notably, we were asked to paint a mural in the paediatric fracture clinic waiting room at the Princess Royal Hospital, Telford. Following this success Healthcare Art Club won best newcomer society at the 2021 Keele SU awards and we intend to continue to build on these great successes in the upcoming year!

This academic year we have a jam-packed schedule of online workshops, collaborating with healthcare students all across the country! As well as a handful of Keele-specific in-person art workshops (something I'm sure we're all keen to get back to after 18 months of Teams and Zoom lectures!). In addition to this, monthly artistic challenges will be set on our social medias for nationwide contributions! 

We hope you enjoy the workshops we put on over the next year and expand your creativity whether you're a beginner or an artist extraordinaire!

Look forward to seeing you soon! 

Healthcare Art Club 


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