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The Redeemed Christian Fellowship (RCSF) KEELE is set up with the intention for the youth within the university to align themselves with the plan and purpose of God for their lives. This is to encourage, inspire and raise students who will be candlelight to others and our world. In doing this, we will express through practical love to others in respect of races. In achieving the above, the word of God will be the basis of our guide. Students will be allowed to showcase their gift, talent and God's giving ability in such a way that people will be more conscious of the presence of the Holy Spirit. More so, we are so concerned about racing a leader of Godly character in all choosing fields of endeavour. Going about helping people to discover their leadership ability and giving them a platform to develop it. Organising Leadership training and symposium that will make the student an agent of impact in the university and our society. We will support, teach, guide, and provide quality Godly counsel for the youth as well as organise talks, worship and concert as when due. The organisation will certainly create an enabling environment for leadership development. The overall aim of the fellowship is to contribute to a positive student experience and to support and encourage members to pursue academic excellence. These will be achieved through a series of practical teachings, seminars, movies and other student-focused activities. Objectives of the fellowship are: To hold regular Christian programmes such as Bible study, prayer meetings and film shows. To enable members to imbibe positive life values and principles that will help them fulfil their academic and life goals. To encourage friendship and positive relationships which will contribute to the overall physical, social and mental well-being of members. To encourage and inspire members to be shining lights and positive influences to other students and the community in general.

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