Hello and Welcome to Keele Oncology Society! 

We are a new society that hopes to explore every aspect of oncology - from clinical to scientific! We hope to encourage more students to engage with the oncology field and increase awareness of research opportunities! 

Our Objectives:

  • To provide insight into the oncology speciality through panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and talks
  • To develop a research network between Keele medical students and oncologists
  • To provide insight into Academic Foundation Programme applications
  • To explore the scientific side of oncology through in-depth research-related events
  • To provide opportunities for students to present research through symposiums with UK-based medical schools


  • Oncology Student Membership£2.00
  • Associate members£2.00
  • I’m interested in Oncology tell me more£0.00

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Hi All,
Welcome to our new society, Keele Oncology!
To find out more about our membership perks, please check this article out by clicking on the heading. We hope to see you soon at our upcoming events!! ??




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