Keele's own Quidditch teams: Keele Squirrels!

Keele Quidditch

The Keele Squirrels, is Keele's very own quidditch team. Quidditch is often described as a mix between rugby and dodgeball, played on PVC pipes in place of brooms and an individual who is more than happy to floor you in place of a snitch. 

Unfortunately due to the current SU rules we are unable to run any taster or training sessions at this time.
Please follow us on Facebook for further updates and we will set up a taster session as soon as possible.



Check us out on Facebook or Instagram to find out more, or keep up to date with all we do. 
If you have any questions feel free to drop us a message at any of our social media platforms. 
For more info about Quidditch check out the Quidditch UK website
Check out some footage of Quidditch:


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  • Keele Krakens Patch£3.00
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