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Annual Club and Society Committee Elections 2021-22

This is the Annual Committee Elections, where all clubs and societies elect a brand new committee in time for the new academic year.

1290 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 09:00 on Wednesday 28 April 2021 (in 14 days)

The polls open at 09:00 on Monday 3 May 2021 (in 19 days)

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Think:Green is a student-led-service that enables you to realise a project that you are passionate about. We want to give you a platform to work on your ideas and we will help you (together with different people from around the university and the SU) to achieve your goals. Our aim is to get university students engaged in the issues surrounding sustainability and the environment, whilst reducing the University's environmental impact in the process! Our current long-term schemes include:


Great Donate
A group of students dedicated to reduce waste by re-using everything and anything, at the moment mostly clothes + kitchen equipment!

Student Eats
Being self-sufficient sure is a dream of many of us. Growing food is a vital aspect of this, practice this skill at our weekly gardening sessions at the Walled Garden, Fri 1-2pm.

Wanna find out more about plant-based eating? Regular communal meals are a great way of getting to know other veggies and improve your cooking skills.


There are also biweekly meetings this semester to catch up with what has happened and what is going to happen. They take place on Thursdays 6-7pm in the SU's MARS room. We also hold regular socials, a lot of which are in collaboration with the University's 'Student Sustainability Bungalow' project. Remember, you don't need to study a "green" degree to care about the environment! Just come along and see how you can get involved! 



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