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Why register with KeeleSU Volunteering?

Registering allows you to advertise your volunteering roles directly to Keele students through our online database of opportunities. This is the best way to get your opportunities out to Keele students; the database is often their first port of call for finding volunteering, and your adverts are also automatically emailed out to students whose interests match your opportunity.

Registering with us makes managing your volunteering opportunities really simple! Through your central profile you can easily add, update and remove opportunities, and keep track of your student volunteers. Our automated email service also means that you will be immediately informed by email of whenever a new student applies for one of your opportunities. 

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Why Keele students?

Keele students have a variety of different skills and perspectives to offer, and can bring huge benefits to your projects. Our student volunteers have a real passion for volunteering, and are keen to get stuck in and make a difference in the local community while they are here. Your volunteering opportunities also help the students, enabling them to develop and learn outside of the lecture halls, become a part of the local community, and enhancing their student experience.

The National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) readily recognises the impact of student volunteering - read more about what they have to say here

We encourage you to think outside of the box, about how you could really make the most of our student volunteers. For tips on this, check out our handy guidebook below.