Terms & Conditions

Our guidelines and rules that govern your use of our service and interaction with your organisation.

If you are interested in recruiting Keele University student volunteers, please note:

  • We aim to offer a wide range of types of volunteering opportunities, gauged in terms of setting, type of organisations, level of responsibility, time commitment, and client group. 
  • We expect organisations to be transparent in their aims and objectives and to have good standards in volunteer management. 
  • We will not refer students to organisations involved in activities which breach any KeeleSU policies or which might bring disrepute to KeeleSU.
  • We will only refer students to not-for-profit organisations with charitable purposes, or to volunteering projects run by statutory agencies (such as local authorities, schools or hospitals). 
  • KeeleSU welcomes the opportunity to work with volunteering projects that are based within or set up by faith organisations, as we value the contribution such projects make to the local community and the opportunities they provide for Keele students. However, we cannot be involved with any projects that are used in any way to recruit members - from their clients or their volunteers - to any religious organisation, nor any project that is used to promote the tenets of a particular faith.


By recruiting volunteers through the Keele University Student Union you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

Good Practice:

  1. Provide volunteering opportunities which are appropriate for students, where levels of expectation are realistic and achievable and where voluntary activity will not replace the work of paid members of staff. 
  2. Ensure volunteers have a positive and rewarding experience when volunteering for your organisation.
  3. Reply promptly to all volunteer enquiries, ideally no longer then within 5 working days.
  4. Maintain open and on-going communication with KeeleSU Volunteering Department regarding volunteer referrals and progress, and ensure that any issues and concerns are raised immediately. 
  5. Inform KeeleSU volunteering as soon as possible if an allegation is made against a Keele volunteer placed with them. Also inform KeeleSU Volunteering if an allegation is made by a KeeleSU Volunteer in order for the Students Union to support where required.
  6. Keep your volunteering opportunities up to date on the KeeleSU Volunteering website and notify KeeleSU Volunteering if any changes need making, which you are not able to do yourself.
  7. Accept that at times student volunteers may need to negotiate or change their volunteering hours to fit in with their  University commitments.
  8. Data Protection - ensure that all volunteers personal details are kept secure and are not shared with a third party without the expressed permission of the volunteer.

Recruitment, Training and Health and Safety:

  1. Undertake relevant recruitment and selection procedures as appropriate to your organisation.
  2. Ensure volunteers are given appropriate induction and are made aware of their tasks and responsibilities as well as have access to line management.
  3. Where relevant provide volunteers with a Health and Safety brief covering all necessary aspects of health and safety including, but not limited to site awareness, safe use of equipment, information about risks and how to minimise risks, emergency procedures and protective clothing. 
  4. Ensure that relevant risk assessments take place.
  5. Arrange necessary training and screening checks.
  6. Where applicable, comply with relevant policies, such as health and safety, confidentiality, child protection, protection of vulnerable adults, equality, data protection, volunteering, complaints and other.
  7. Ensure that volunteers are made aware and trained on which policies and procedures apply to them.
  8. Organisations must have full insurance in place to cover for activities in which the volunteer engage. As a minimum requirement Organisations must have valid Public Liability Insurance.
  9. Ensure volunteer’s reasonable out of pocket expenses are paid according to your policy.
  10. To be responsible for obtaining a DBS (formerly CRB) checks or seek references on volunteers if this is a requirement of the volunteering role. 


KeeleSU Volunteering agree to:

  1. Provide you with the platform to directly advertise your volunteering opportunities through our website, once organisation & opportunity forms have been completed and approved. 
  2. Offer you various opportunities to advertise your volunteering roles to students during term time e.g. setting up a stall  within the Student Union, social media etc.
  3. Offer face to face, email and telephone guidance to students and staff to make them aware of existing volunteering opportunities and help them choose the best option for them. 
  4. Keep you informed throughout the year about any latest news and events within KeeleSU Volunteering.
  5. Maintain regular contact with your organisation.
  6. Visit your organisation to understand your work and needs.
  7. Answer any questions your organisation or volunteers may have.
  8. Mediate in any dispute between you and any Keele volunteer placed with you  should any problems occur.
  9. Give you any required guidance about the best way to promote your volunteering opportunities within Keele University. 
  10. Offer guidance on any required Policies and Procedures where organisations don't have them in place. 
  11. Recognise our volunteers via our volunteer recognitions schemes: the HEAR and Volunteering Awards.


Volunteers from Keele University agree to:

  1. Represent Keele University in a responsible and positive way.
  2. Get to know and respect applicable health and safety and other policies and procedures at the organisation.
  3. Undertake relevant training.
  4. Where applicable allow the organisation to undertake DBS checks.
  5. Respect staff and volunteer at the organisation.
  6. Inform the organisation about any changes to their circumstances including change of contact details.
  7. Be a committed, punctual and reliable volunteer and always inform the organisation if they are unable to volunteer.
  8. If there is a problem or they feel uncomfortable within their role inform their line manager and/or University.