The university has progression guidelines HERE and sends out progression emails every year. We know the guidelines can be confusing so we’ve tried to break them down here - if you still have any questions, just ASK!


Please note that there have been changes this year to take into account the pandemic. For more information, please visit the university's website HERE.


Level 4 (Year 1) - You may be able to enter Level 5 with up to two failed modules (30 credits) in certain circumstances - see below for details. If you are a dual honours or major/minor student you can only fail a maximum of one module in each subject.

Most Level 4 students did not take Semester 2 assessments this year and will be automatically allowed to progress to Level 5. However, if your School believes you would benefit from repeating the year you will be contacted with this option. If you would like to repeat the year but have not been given this option you can contact your Personal Tutor or Student Services to discuss this.

Level 5 (Year 2) - You may be able to enter Level 6 with one failed module (15 credits) in certain circumstances - see below for details.  You must pass all other modules and any outstanding modules from Level 4.

BUT you can only progress with these failed modules if they are electives or you have attempts remaining - please see next sections for more information. 

If you can’t progress to the next year you can choose a repeat option, which will be listed in your progression email.

If you’ve already repeated you will be withdrawn unless you have a case for an appeal. If you’d like to look into appealing please come into ASK and speak to an adviser.