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Where Are the Women? #SheShouldRun

In the House of Commons, men outnumber women 2:1, in the House of Lords it’s 3:1. In the last 100 years, there have been approximately 490 women MPs and 4500 men MPs.

It's not that women don't win, it's that they don't run. 


What are the statistics here at Keele? 


The She Should Run campaign is about encouraging women to nominate themselves for an elected officer position. 

Research shows women need to be asked more than once before they seriously consider nominating themself in an election. So ask a woman to run. Tell a woman why you think she would be a good elected officer. 


The job of an elected officer is challenging, but also incredibly rewarding and there is no other job quite like it. You are a student, an elected representative, an SU staff member, a member of the board of trustees and have line management responsibilities for the Chief Executive position. You also have enormous scope to make the job your own, focussing on the areas of student life that interest you the most.


The skills and experience you gain in this role are unrivalled and the fact that it is hard work should encourage you more. We want women to be empowered by this challenge. Running in an election can feel intimidating, but you will be supported throughout the process and it can be beneficial to your personal development to step out of your comfort zone and take on this challenge.


Invite a woman you know to consider putting themself forward in the KeeleSU Elections 2019.

If you know a woman who you think would make a great elected officer, click here and complete the form to recommend her. We will contact her to tell her someone think she would make a great elected officer and why. It is then her choice whether she nominates herself or not.



- Recommend someone- CLICK HERE.

- The Student Voice Team and Welfare and Internationalisation Officer have postcards which you can give to someone to let them know you think they would make a good elected officer.

- For the full list of available elected officer positions (full-time & part-time) CLICK HERE. 

- Contact with any queries. 


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