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Don't care? Didn't vote? Don't complain. Why it's important to vote in the KeeleSU Elections.

Do you vote in local elections? If you do, you should be voting in your Students’ Union elections. Your student representatives are the people who will present student interests in local policy and higher education policy on a national scale. Make sure you have your say on who those representatives are.

In 2015, the NUS reported an average voter turnout of 17.83% in Students' Union elections... That's a lot of students not having their say.

If you’ve ever wished something was different about your University, why not go and find out what the candidates think should be different? Why not go and talk to candidates about what you think should be different and see which candidate you think could represent you the best?


If there’s something you would change about your University- this is the first step in making that change, choosing the people who will lobby for you.

  • There is disabled access to the Costcutter on campus because an elected student officer lobbied for it.

  • £280,000 of funding accumulated from the strikes last year has been put towards mental health support, student-led projects and support for marginalised student groups because elected student officers presented the needs of the student population to the University.

  • There is a microwave on the ground floor of the Students’ Union because an elected officer made it happen.

  • Students who are unable to provide a guarantor for private rented accommodation can apply to the University to act as a guarantor for them. This was made possible because an elected officer lobbied for it.

  • Students have access to free printing because of an elected officer responded to student feedback.

Phoito of a dog sunbathing at the stall promoting elections.


1. Voting feels great! #DemocracyIsHot 

Having your say is a great feeling. You are making a difference by voting.


2. The policies or changes these elected officers make will affect your student experience, so you should have a say on who those officers are. Read their manifestos, decide who will represent your interests the best. 


Photo of Sam Gibbons, Activities and Community Officer, in the new Zero Waste Shop in Keele Students' Union


3. Every single preference you make matters. Because of the Single Transferable Vote system we use, your first, second, third, fourth preferences all matter. They are all counted and really do affect who is elected. So even if your first choice candidate isn’t elected, your second choice might be.


4. We are a democracy. You have a right to have your say, don’t waste that opportunity.


5. You don't have to register! As a member of the Students' Union, you are eligible to vote.

Elections artwork including elections logo and the text "VOTE! Vote in the KeeleSU Elections. Vote from 9am 26th February to 5pm 1st March. #KeeleSUElections


Last year the voter turnout percentage was 25%. This means that 75% of Keele students did not have their say on who represents them. 

So encourage your friends to vote. Encourage your society members, team members and your course mates to vote. Ensure that Keele students are having their say.

Remember- even if a candidate is unopposed, you still need to vote for them!


Happy voting :)


You can vote at

 If you have any issues, please contact the Student Voice team on