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Thursday 17 October 2019
4pm - 6pm

The Cultural Affairs Project presents... Black British History: Migration. Narratives. Movements.

Presented by Dr Mariangela Palladino and Yvon Langué following on from their exhibition.


This is the first installment of our THREE part series. Info for our November and December lectures coming soon!!



Dr Mariangela Palladino
- Migration is ubiquitous in the media and in political debates in the UK, in Europe and beyond. In this talk, I will explore migration and border crossing today as colonial legacies. I will discuss labels and terms used to (mis-)represent those on the move and explore some of the literature contesting the idea of a 'migration crisis' which saturates public discourse.

Yvon Langué
- Stemming from the article 'Giving contours to invisible figures: Post-reflections on Migrations. Narratives. Movements. exhibition at Villa des Arts, Rabat' (Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture, vol. 10.1, 2019), this talk is a commentary on the lessons learned from my collaboration with ‘Arts for Advocacy’ on guest-curating "Migrations. Narratives. Movements.", a display of migrants' photography and video works. I will unfold the curatorial approach at play in the exhibition's second iteration, and discuss its overall theoretical apparatus in the light of bold uncertainties due to the invisibility of the figure of the migrant. I will also address the disjunctures of my expectations with regard to the Moroccan context as I believe the scope of curatorial practice can be extended to forms of activism and agencies.