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Cheerleading/Pom Try-outs

Walshaw Sports Hall
Sunday 09 October 2022
1pm - 3pm

This event is run by Cheerleading

We will have loved to have seen each and everyone of you at the Cheerleading and Pom taster sessions! (dont worry if you were'nt able to make it, we will see you this time round and are just as excited to meet you!) This is the try-out process for the competitive Cheerleading and Pom teams so we can see what each and every one of you can do and what you will bring to the team! This is a no stress try-out and we know each and every one of you can only try your best! Dont worry if you can't tumble, stunt, high kick or jump just yet, these are things we will teach you in the coming months, all we ask for is that you give it your best shot! 

If you dont fancy being on a competitive team, we also have the option for cheer for fun 14:00-15:00pm every Sunday which will give you all the same experience but takes off a bit of pressure! Cheer for fun will be our main varsity team and will go along to help cheer on other sports clubs at their fixtures, whilst also learning the sport at the same time; so you will still get an mazing experience!


Our top tryout tips:

- Be yourself!

- Try your best!

- Start stretching out those muscles

- Drink plenty of fluids and make sure to eat as cheerleading is an intense sport

- Listen to your body, don't overdo yourself 

- Most importantly....HAVE FUN!


If you have any accessibility needs/injuries or special adjustments please let us know beforehand so we know how to best support you and make it the most enjoyable experience for you!