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Keele Re-enactment Training from 11 am Sundays
Sunday 13 October 2019
11am - 4pm

Sunday Training session

Come along and join us for our first training session from 11:00 till 16:00. Drop in, drop out, we don't mind.

We've got all the weapons you'll ever need to fight off that  Norman invasion. We'll take you through the basics and then let you hit your friends. What could go wrong?

If you fancy your hand at spear, pole arms, sword and board then come along.

If you're not sure where we train it's the field between Holly Cross and Hawthorns, right next to the Sneyd Arms ( If you're still not sure we'll have people at the SU (with a Flag) to pick people up from 11:00 am. 


Find us on Face Book at Keele Re-enactnent