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Keele Ghanaian Society (KGS Hoodies)

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Hey All, 

First article of the year for KGS... hmm...

You're probrably thinking what it is we have in store.

On behalf of KGS I want to specially introduce you to...



Price: £24.99

Suitable for any weather, any day, any season, any time.


Modeled here by our Vice President - Abigail Ackon, these colourful, vibrant hoodies cost £24.99. Cost-effective, not very expensive, these warm hoodies will insulate your body in time for the cold winter.

Personally, I would recommend that you buy this hoodie because it is comfortable, plus you can customise it and write whatever it is you want at the back of the hoodie. When it comes to washing the hoodie, I would advise you to turn the hoodie inside out to prevent excess fluff from catching onto your clothing; apart from that, it's a recommendable hoodie to wear during any weather, any day, any season & any time!

Come and join the KGS community, get your hoodie now! :)

Click on the 'Products' section to purchase a hoodie.


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