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KeeleSU’s Christmas Countdown & Our Day 6 Delight!

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Whether you’re “Driving Home for Christmas”, or “Decking those Student Halls”, here at KeeleSU our party of elves have been working hard to ensure your Christmas Countdown is jam packed with delectable treats, exciting offers and fun-filled events and activities for you to get involved in!


Every day at 12pm KeeleSU has hit social media with an exciting new surprise behind our Advent Door. So far our treats have included a chance for you to “Rock around the Christmas Tree” at our SU DJ Night, exciting food and drink offers, and opportunities to give back to those in need and really feel like “Little Saint Nick”.


As we open the door to Day 6, we welcome in a delicious Mince Meat Recipe! Packed with fruits and spices…and even the odd tipple, it’ll be sure to make your kitchen smell like Christmas. So be a Gordan Ramsey “Rudolf” or a Mary “Holly” Berry and stuff this into jam jars as beautiful Christmas presents, or better yet, turn this into the most delicious Homemade Mince Pies with our own indulgent recipe soon to be revealed…




So, if “all you want for Christmas” are gifts and activities to get stuck into, make sure you head over to KeeleSU Facebook and Instagram at 12pm daily to see what’s behind our KeeleSU Advent Door!


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