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LGBT+ Students' Officer

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Part- time officer roles are unpaid roles which students carry out alongside their studies, they are required to spend a minimum of 1 hour per week carrying out their tasks and responsibilities. Each Part-Time Officer is supported by a specific Full-Time Officer.

As a Part-Time Officer, you are automatically a member of Union Council along with the Full-Time Officers.


The LGBT+ Students’ Officer is responsible for representing and campaigning for LGBT+ students. They work to increase awareness of LGBT+ prejudice and discrimination and will proactively campaign to oppose and challenge inequality. In addition to providing a voice for those who define as LGBT+ to ensure their representation and protection, they also work with the LGBT+ Society to support their aims and success.

Only members who identify as LGBT+ may stand for this position.


A full, detailed description of this role and all elected officer roles can be found in the By-Laws document here.

Want more information?! Check out the Election Dates.


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