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Need help budgeting?

Tips on how to manage your money

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Managing money as a student can be hard - for many of you, this will be the first time you've had control of a significant amount of money! Having a budget can help you manage your spending by encouraging you to set aside the money you need to cover essentials like rent, whilst showing you the amount you have leftover to spend on other things on a day-to-day basis. 

National Debtline has a good financial guide for students, which you may also want to read.


How do I calculate a budget?

There are some great online budget calculators that can help you plan your budget and play around with it to see what you might be able to change if your expenditure is too high.

National Debtline -   you can also print out the budget sheet and you can speak to one of their advisers for free.

Money Advice Service - they also offer a free money advice service.

You can also download our budget calculator on our Budgeting page, which includes some more student-centred categories!


What are my potential sources of income?

  • Student Finance - make sure you're getting your full entitlement
  • Part-time job - the University has a jobs database that can help you find jobs on campus and in the local area.
  • Benefits - some students may be eligible for benefits. Please see our Benefits page for information as well as our pages about financial support available to parents and to disabled students.
  • Grants and scholarships - see our Charities and Grants page for information about where to look.


Are there any tips for managing my spending?

Sites like Moneysavingexpert have many great tips and deals and we have selected some of the most useful tips for you on our Budgeting page.


Is there any support for me if I'm in financial hardship?

The university has a hardship fund that you can apply to if you are in hardship and they can also give out emergency loans. The fund and loans are administered by Student Services and you can visit their page for more information.

If you're in debt, please visit our Debt page for advice and organisations you can contact for help.