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Important! Parking changes on campus

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Staffordshire Police are now going to start prosecuting drivers that are continually parking around Keele Village, the roads leading into Keele Village and the main Keele Road near to the old Golf club that are committing the following issues.

  • Parking within 10 metres of a junction; this includes the pull-in onto the old Golf club.
  • Parking blocking a pavement where a double buggy can not pass.
  • Parking where there are solid white lines in the middle of the road.
  • Parking blocking any entrances/exits to premises or fielded areas.
  • Parking where there are drop curbs for access to the footpaths.

 Vehicle owners will start seeing documents coming through their doors informing them of their offence and the penalty that will sit with that.

Staffordshire Police over the years along with the University have tried to tackle this issue through education and without a financial penalty to students, however this does not appear to be having any affect on how people are parking so they have left us with this being the only option left available.


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