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Student Choice Awards

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On Wednesday we had our Student Choice Awards (formerly Student-Led Teaching Awards) and we are so impressed with all the work lecturers and staff across the unversity have put in for our students! These were their chances to give thanks to their lecturers and tutors and for us to reward them for all their hard work over the year. We're proud to announce the winners here:

Developing Student Potential - Eliza Varney, Lois De Cruz, and Lisa Lau

Engaging Educator - Rebecca Bowler and Richard Greensmith

Personal Tutor - Anne Burrows and Andrew Morris

Extra Mile - Rachel Adcock, Richard Danyi and Sheila Hope

Technology - Alex Nobajas 

Supervisor - Pawas Bisht

Student Voice - Masi Noor

Team Teaching - Midwifery


Thank you so much to everyone who was nominated - you'll be receiving a certficate and letter detailing why students nominated you for the award via internal mail shortly.


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