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Posters and Postcards!

Hi all

Here is another simple but great craft you can do this week for Hedgehog Awareness Week! The aim of today's craft is to create colourful posters and postcards which you can share online, place in windows or send to others to share the message. Hopefully, people will seek more information and become a part of the effort to help our precious Hedgehogs!

Happy crafting!

What you will need: 

  • Paper 

  • Pencil 

  • Colours (pens, pencils and/or paint)

Draw an oval (lightly in pencil or gently rub out the line after to fade its appearance).

Using one pen colour at a time, go around the oval with lines to represent spikes.


Amount of colour used and size of spikes is totally up to you! 

Continue this with a second layer.

Fill in empty gaps between spikes.

Add eyes.

Add a nose and mouth.

Add toes.

Add text to create a poster! 



‘Hedgehog Awareness Week’


‘Help our Hedgehogs!’


‘Keele Wildlife Society!’


Or use facts to help raise awareness of the threats they face and ways others can help!

With this craft, there are multiple options you can do with your finished Hedgehogs. 


Posters and Postcards are just two options!


Send us images of what you have done and we can share your crafts with the society!