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Volunteering with StreetTeam

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Street Team is a student led welfare service on campus ensuring that students get home safely after a night out. Volunteering with us is a valuable experience, helping students to gain necessary transferable skills such as interpersonal development, communication, and leadership skills. Since volunteering with Street Team, I’ve found a great way to spend my time. I get to meet new people, I’ve made some really good friendships within the society, and it’s all gaining me volunteering hours to put on my HEAR recordable record. There are even more benefits to Street Team than just personal relationships and volunteering hours- free entry to the Student Union after a minimum of ten shifts means that I have the option on nights out to either work or to go out and know that I’ll be looked after by my peers if I need walking home. There’s also discounted food from Munch whilst on shift, and if you decide to volunteer the big nights out such as Woodstoke or Freshers Week, we as a society also order pizza for free for our volunteers to show how much we appreciate all of you and the work we do.

Street Team has allowed me to learn transferable leadership skills. I ran for committee in the position of Volunteer Coordinator last year and since have been able to hone my skills of organisation and being in charge of volunteers both on and off shift. My role will be open for the next academic year and we’re looking for someone with good social media skills who will be comfortable learning how to manage volunteers through the use of our rotas and who can help out at training.

I’ve loved being part of Street Team and find that now I prefer to be on shift with my friends rather than on a night out. I get chance to catch up with my workload whilst on shift and it’s a form of socialising, being around new people and making friends.

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