Register as Driver

Register yourself as a driver for our vehicles using our simple online process.

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To declare and register as a standard driver you have to meet the following conditions as specified by our insurance underwriter. Please ensure you have read the conditions carefully. 

Ensure you are logged on. Tick the boxes below to confirm you meet the points. If you do not meet a point you must contact us. (This does not mean that you cannot drive)If you do meet all the points tick update after ticking the boxes.

*Press update after ticking the boxes.


By completing the registration you are declaring that the above particulars are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and that no material information which would affect the vehicles insurer’s assessment being withheld. Please note it is your responsibility to inform KeeleSU immediately of any changes in your driving circumstances. By ticking the boxes, you are confirming and agreeing to this declaration and that you agree to KeeleSU's driver/hire terms and conditions.

If you fail to meet these requirements you will need to contact us to discuss this further (this does not mean you will not be able to drive).

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