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Gaia - exhibition steward volunteers

This opportunity takes place between 06 Nov 2021 and 28 Nov 2021

ArtsKeele would like to offer the opportunity to volunteer as part of our next major art project 'Gaia', We are looking for a team of stewards who can support ArtsKeele and our partner Appetite. You will be tasked with helping invigilate the space, welcoming guests, helping with wayfinding and answering questions. You might be particularly interested in this opportunity if you have an interest in earth sciences, astrophysics and art but we are looking for volunteers with a range of interests.

Appetite and ArtsKeele are so excited to be bringing Luke Jerram’s GAIA to Keele Chapel at Keele University from Saturday 6 November to Sunday 28 November. The artwork, which measures six metres in diameter, features 120dpi (Dots Per Inch) detailed NASA imagery of the Earth’s surface*. GAIA provides the opportunity to see our planet on this scale, floating in three-dimensions.

The installation creates a sense of the Overview Effect, something astronauts often experience as they look down on the Earth from space. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, GAIA may give the viewer a new perspective of our place on the planet, reminding us how precious it is and that we all have a responsibility to protect it for future generations.

A specially made surround sound composition by BAFTA award winning Composer Dan Jones is played alongside the sculpture.

There will be a full programme of events running alongside GAIA including concerts, talks, wellbeing activites and craft sessions.

Volunteers are needed to fill slots of weekdays, early evenings and weekends so there will hopefully be a timeslot to suit your individual availability.

Benefits to self

Interacting with visitors. Learning about a new art exhibit. Being able to share your own views and thoughts on Gaia. Working as part of a team. Opportunity to engage with events and activities organised by ArtsKeele and Appetite into the future.

Benefits to others

Helping guests with wayfinding. Supporting the project team to create a safe and welcoming environment. Answering questions guests might have about the exhibition.


Keele University Chapel

Training available

All volunteers will receive a briefing document prior to commencing. Volunteers will be met by a member of the project team on the day, given an overview of what will be expected and shown around the space.

DBS required?


Transport details

The exhibition is on campus. If you are located off campus we can cover local travel expenses via public transport (bus).

Contact Name

Kerry Jones or Steph Wright

Contact email address

Contact phone number

  • Culture & SportEvents, Art & Creativity
  • EnvironmentalConservation, Sustainability
  • LocationOn Campus

Employability skills

  • Communication Skills: Verbal 0
  • Interpersonal Skills 0