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Meghan Harrison - AU and Sport Officer

The AU and Sport Officer sits on a number of committees within the University and Union to ensure effective representation of the student body and ensuring there is enough opportunities for students to take part in sport in competitive and non-competitive levels. They manage the Community Zone to ensure that student representatives who fall within this zone are effective. The AU and Sport Officer takes responsibility for a number of projects for example overseeing the Athletic Union and any other projects they feel would enhance the student experience at Keele. Along with the rest of the Elected Officer team, they ensure that the policies of KeeleSU are directed by students and act as an Officer Trustee.

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Thu 04 Jan 2018

My last semester as your AU and Sport Officer

This year has been undoubtedly busy, starting the year with the announcement that the University were cancelling funding for the...
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Mon 18 Jan 2016

Honesty is the Best Policy

Since July I have been wrapped up in a world of SU, AU, University and NUS and after the first...
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Mon 21 Sep 2015

What a Few Weeks

My Last Few Weeks    The last few weeks have been full of mixed emotions; with a sense of...
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Thu 20 Aug 2015

Check out the latest (Sky Sports) News from Keele AU

Hey Guys    Check out the link below for my latest vlog,    Nick Heads Up SkySportsNews    I hope you like it...
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Tue 28 Jul 2015

I've Been to Liverpool

Hi All   Vlogging is a new say of blogging, it is me talking about stuff I have done since the...
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