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Hiya everyone, my name's Maisie and I am your elected Athletic Union and Sport Officer for this year.  My role is to ensure students are engaging in sports and physical activity, both competitively and non-competitively. I also hold the position of AU President in which I look after all the sports teams within the Athletic Union.

Before being elected, I studied for a BSc in Forensic Science. As a student I got involved with many clubs and societies such as Invisible Disabilities Keele (IDK) and I had various committee roles for 3 years for squash as the Social Secretary and Women's Captain. In my free time I enjoy participating in sporting activities (mainly squash), going out with friends, and using my cookery skills.

Talk to me about:

  • Athletic Union Clubs
  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Lifestyles

 Email me at su.ausportofficer@keele.ac.uk or contact me on social media below:

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