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Hi everyone, I’m Dan and my elected position is AU and Sport Officer. My role is to ensure students are engaging in sports and physical activity, in both competitive and non-competitive ways. I also hold the position of AU president in which I look after all the sports teams within the Athletic Union.

I have just finished my second year of studying a BA in Finance and International Business. I have been a part of the AU since day one and have been involved in the committee of both Rugby and the AU itself, as you can tell it has been a huge part of my great experience at university and so I would like to ensure that others have the same opportunity as I did. 

Talk to me about:

  • Athletic Union Clubs
  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Lifestyles

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Want to find out about my plans this year?

My last semester as your AU and Sport Officer

This year has been undoubtedly busy, starting the year with the announcement that the University were cancelling funding for the sport activators job (Jordan's Job) meaning that there would be no non-competitive sport, no disability sport, no play4fun and many other things.  This obviously was a large issue which I started on instantly.  After many months of meetings, emails and phone calls we finally got the good - not great but good - news that the University would fund this position for one year.  Therefore it is now my job to look into how it can be funded after this and keep lobbying the university to continue funding for this ever so important programme after the year contract is up!

As well as this myself and AU committee are working on a number of campaigns throughout the year such as the ongoing This Girl Can campaign - now with extra merch in the SU shop!, Inclusivity in activity and rainbow laces throughout the year.  We are now in the process of starting the intermural league amongst sports too!

This semester is the mega busy on, the semester of BUCS titles, AU Takeover, Varsity and last but not least AU ball.  The ball is already rolling in terms of Varsity and you are all doing your bit for Team Keele in BUCS!  So let’s make this year the biggest and best year ever for Team Keele and win Varsity for the 9th year in a row!


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